Panormos Caravaning-Place, of Antonios and Ulrike Palazis family, it’s situated at about 15 km from the harbour of Skopelos, little Island of the Northern Sporades in the Aegean Sea.

The island can be reached by sea from Volos or from Aghios Konstantinos, towns which are at about 300 km far from Patra, on Athens direction, and at about 4 hours of navigation.

When you arrive in Skopelos pay attention to the road signs.

In fact the place can be reached just follow-ing the road signs to Panormos that are situated at the beginning of the street, on the left.

Panormos landscape it’s beautiful and it’s formed by leeward bays, golden and free beaches with fine gravel, transparent sea and green hills.

The camping

  • it’s situated at the entry of Panormos Beach, one of the most beautiful and clean beaches of the island, far 50 m from the sea;
  • has an area of about 3.000/qm, with fruit trees and lot of shadow;
  • can house campers and roulottes;
  • has showers, washstands, cold and hot water, sinks, toilettes, washing machines and electricity.

In high season it’s preferable to book by E-mail.

Not far from the Place there is one market, one taverna, one bar, if you want you can rent a boat and every day you can buy fresh fish.

Anyway, for all necessities you can ask to Antonios and Ulrike that are disponible and hospitable people.

Prices are convenients: :

Camper or roulotte € 9,00 per day, minimum stay 7 days
Per Adult € 3,00 per day
Children from 7 to 12 € 2,00 per day
Electric current € 5,00 per day